About the Blog Assignment: 

As an educator, modifications had to be made for my freshmen.  My resilient freshmen at Tennessee State University have truly shown their dedication this year.  2020 has challenged them with having to pack their bags right after spring break and head home due to coronavirus outbreak. This assignment was done by four sections of English 1020 (Freshmen Composition) with the help of several students that took leadership roles to developing the site, editing blog posts, and managing the site. 


We are experiencing history.  While some of us are enjoying the solitude that life is offering, others are experiencing anxiety, skepticism, and other emotions that are only expected during a novel, terrifying time. My role as a college professor has always been to teach, nurture, and even offer advice.  During such a time, I have listened more actively and have become more empathetic to life’s unfortunate circumstances for my students. My resilient students at Tennessee State University have taught me what resilience looks like. They have shown me what tenacity, determination, and flexibility look like. Students from not just Tennessee State University, but colleges all over the nation have had to pack their dorms and move back home.  I have listened and read emails from students flying to Puerto Rico, California, Florida, Illinois, and so many other states who are still focused on their ultimate goal; being a college student.


Rhetoric is designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on the audience.  Thus far, we have listened to speeches, read news articles, watched YouTube clips to help understand this term.  The blog that will be put together will include all of my English 1020 courses. This blog site/website is intended to showcase each of my students’ experiences regarding COVID-19.  This is history and typically history fails to showcase all perspectives. Although this still fails to showcase every perspective, it does showcase the perspective of students from an HBCU.  Each student will upload a blog post of 200 words or less with a modal of their choice to depict the question; “How Has COVID 19 Changed My Life.” The question is not limited to just a negative perspective, but any point that students are willing to share. 


Objectives: Students will be able to peer edit and write concisely to fit rhetorical writing. Students will also be able to determine the various platforms of multimodal and manage various platforms. 


This project is done with the help of all eighty of my students with a leadership team of twelve to help organize and manage the website. This platform shows the resiliency of TSU’s class of 2023!

- Professor Kiera Vargas